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I've been to so many swinger parties, wife-swap events, and gangbangs that it's really hard to pinpoint the most exciting sex I had. Instead, I'll tell you about last week - when me and my husband decided to leave the kids with their grandparents and have the whole weekend for ourselves. The first night was uneventful but the second one was really fun. While we were having drinks in a sports bar, Julius noticed a guy who was eyeballing me a lot. He got confused when hubby approached him because he thought that here comes trouble. Little did he know that my lovely husband is a real cuckold and that he has already shared me with dozens of men. At first I thought that we'd have a threesome but then it turned out that there were four of them. The weekend ended in the best way possible - with a nasty gangbang where I was everyone's queen...

To prove her point, Irby shared side-by-side photos with her 650,000 followers. In both pictures, the stunning entrepreneur poses on the beach in a revealing two-piece design. But there is one major difference: Irby gave the image on the right what she dubs “the classic Insta Girl edit” using a Photoshop app. Irby then detailed the 10 changes she made: “Full body skin smooth. Enlarged my booty. Sucked in my tummy. Sucked in my back. Thinned out my arms. Thinned out my quads. Made my neck a tad skinner. Got rid of my scars and cellulite. Made my breast rounder. Lifted my booty.”

Before after pics trenbolone

before after pics trenbolone


before after pics trenbolonebefore after pics trenbolonebefore after pics trenbolonebefore after pics trenbolonebefore after pics trenbolone