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This is the first time I have problems with a source and yet I order often.
Payment and communication were ok but do not be fooled by that.
Eddie does not respect what he says.
It will give you a return of 10% if you pay with bitcoins, 10% that you will never see.
Until then, I thought it was not so bad ; I accepted.
After a long time, I politely asked him if he had forgotten to send me my order.
He replied that he would send me proof that it was sent.
Then, no more news.
I rewrite to say that it is only normal that I expect to receive what I paid for.
And boom, he tells me : I believe you are a scammer and will no longer be assisting you. (in psychology it's called projection)
I am a scammer just because I asked for what I paid for ?
So I "lost" my money !
Back to my other reliable sources.
Sorry, I regret having tried BigBearPharma !!!

If all continues to go well on Npp I'll be switching to good ole Deca soon. Less pinning less hassle. Was planning to hold out for some Balkan labs 'incoming' shortly from 101 - but I may now just stick with SIS labs. They've seen me right so far so may win my loyalty going forward if their Tri- Deca is as good as this Npp.
Just one suggestion - SIS should identify the actual carrier oil used. While I had no problems many folks have allergy issues. Helps everyone make an informed, healthy choice.
Other than this - overall a very positive experience with both 101 and SIS labs.
I'd have no hesitation recommending both to anyone considering using them.

Let us know about your company profile?
Q Green Techcon Pvt. Ltd specialises in manufacturing brick and block making machines with a capacity of 10,000-1 lakh bricks per shift. We also provide Turnkey Projects for flyash bricks, hollow blocks, concrete paving blocks and the like. To add to our portfolio, we also have hydraulic and Vibro machines. We are associated with M/s. Beijing REIT Technology Development Co. Ltd., China, as the technical collaborator. We also aim to commit to the Make in India endeavor and are strongly moving towards creating Green India. We are a company with a vision to grow with the society and are sincerely focused in that direction too. 
How was the overall experience of 4th Nepal Build Con Exhibition?
The experience was overwhelming. We have been a part of Nepal Buildcon before and to say the least, it has always proved to be an enriching process. The evergrowing market of Nepal never fails to surprise us. The management was so smooth and so was the full organization. Looking forward to the next one. 
On scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate the Exhibition in terms of a)   Visitor audience: 7 b)   Participants: 9 c)   Over all management: 9
Please describe your experience:
Over the years, Nepal Buildcon has gained tremendous momentum and success. It has improved notably over the 3 years. The visitors are very diverse, ranging from Nepal Ministry to the construction sector. Future Ex has taken sincere steps to bring together a good number of participants. We were happy to see two halls and that definitely shows enthusiactic support. The outdoor management was commendable, too. 
What Product did your company display? Which product received the maximum attention?
Our company spoke of and concentrated on our end products that our concrete block making machines produce, namely pavers, solid blocks and hollow blocks. These are our star products and are crucial to the process of nation building. As Nepal is on a journey towards phenomenal dev

Buy zydex tbol

buy zydex tbol