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“Cipla Rises as Teva Reported to Woo Indian Generics Maker – Teva, the world’s largest generics maker, is seeking to bolster growth through deals and as much as $2 billion in cost cuts. The purchase would give Teva access to Cipla’s manufacturing base in India, its emerging markets presence, and its global share of the market for respiratory drugs, the publication reported, citing an unnamed consultant. The newspaper’s report is “purely baseless and speculative in nature,” Cipla said in an e-mailed statement. “We have consistently denied such rumors in the past and continue to do so.”

Some glandular extracts also contain small, safe amounts of hormones that may contribute to their possible effectiveness. The thymus gland contains thymic hormones which Schulof found may enhance immune response for people with HIV [12]. It should be noted that many substances contained within animal tissues are similar or identical to their human counterparts [1,25-27], including certain enzymes [25] and even T cell gene regions [26]. One advantage of glandulars over herbs is that raw ovine (sheep) and bovine (cow) glandulars often contain enzymes that are identical to those in the human body, while herbs rarely do.

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