Dbol q&a

And yes, Geneza is a good brand. Thats mainly what I use. Here is how I would lay out the cycle. This will give you an outline, but don't just take my word for it. These are very powerful hormones. My suggestion is that you spend a lot more time, here at the Q/A and read the responses to other questions and use the search function. Educate yourself. Understanding why the cycle is set up the way it is, will help you better understand how to deal with problems, if they come up. There is no real need for Deca. IMO, it will complicate the cycle and carry the possibility of added side effects. I am going to write the plan out with deca, but my suggestion would be to hold off on it, run the cycle as it is, without deca, then do the same cycle for the following run and that time, add the deca in. And yes, deca can be mixed with test and done in the same injection

Dbol q&a

dbol q&a


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