Disadvantages of taking steroids

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I am a high School Teacher and teach upper level science courses. In the past two years I have noticed an increase in students dropping the courses and opting to take them virtually. The issue is they are cheating. I had one student who was one of the lowest performing students I have had in 20 years; due to her reading level.......she simply could not understand the vocabulary in Anatomy and Physiology.....yet she received an A online in Honors level Anatomy and Physiology?????? She wants to be a nurse...do you want her to be your nurse. Many of the students dual enroll for online courses they can take for free from our state school....they cheat and end up receiving 1 full point extra for taking a "college course" so their GPA is incredible. There will be no more upper level Math and Science courses traditionally offered in public schools because the students can cheat by taking them online......

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Disadvantages of taking steroids

disadvantages of taking steroids


disadvantages of taking steroidsdisadvantages of taking steroidsdisadvantages of taking steroidsdisadvantages of taking steroidsdisadvantages of taking steroids