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At around the same time, since we were spending some time in Japan, she decided to go to a Japanese hot spring bath (onsen) which is famous for its very high oil and tar content. People with skin problems come from all over Japan seeking their miracle cure. After a week there with about three one hour baths a day, her skin all over was close to perfect. She was a very happy young lady.  Unfortunately the great result from the onsen only lasted a week and then the cycles started again. She was quite depressed that week. Luckily her legs and torso continued to improve and they haven’t made any backwards steps since then. Considering that at the beginning of the year they were dark, dry, glossy, covered in a fish scale texture as well as the eczema and itchiness, this was a great achievement.

Thanks yoda. I’m going to use original minox liquid. I used a compound minox liquid a couple years ago that had dht blockers, retina a and 5% liquid minox. Great thickening and growth but short lived since I developed bad scalp scaling and sebhoretic dermatitus. I was picking thick scales from my scalp and my skin got inflamed. I think the liquid gave me growth but the retina gave me inflammation which ruined the growth. Who knows? I’m going to give the plain liquid Rogaine 5% on my right side and it should kick start regrowth again. The foam just thickened existing hairs that were not miniature but tossed out all the weak ones to not return and thin out my right hair line. My left hair line is nw1 and my right side is now heading to nw3. Crazy sht.

For the past 17 months I have participated in the no steroid creme re TSW. Wow, it has been a journey, but I do believe you are correct with all you information. I am still NOT where I would like to be,but probably 60 percent better than with steroid cremes. I live in Switzerland and have have done uva and uvb light therapy as well, and visited Avene thermal spa. I also spent a fair amount of time on the Atlantic ocean trying to heal. So, as I see you have commented on Eucrisa tm.. (criaborole). I would like to comment, that I experienced a severe reaction to the creme after 8 days of use… ( the company Pfizer has my photos etc )

Dr rapaport steroid

dr rapaport steroid


dr rapaport steroiddr rapaport steroiddr rapaport steroiddr rapaport steroiddr rapaport steroid