East german ak mags

The 1994 Import Ban of so-called “assault rifles” led to the more politically correct thumbhole stocked AKs without bayonet lugs.  The Bulgarians produced the SA93 and SLR95 “sporting” rifles, and exported them with newly developed 5 and 10-round shortened versions of the black Bulgarian Waffle.  The bodies of these magazines are the same regardless of whether it has a 5 or 10 round capacity, but capacity is increased to 10 rounds by the use of a shortened follower and keeper.  No factory markings will be found molded into these mags.  The follower is marked with a “5” or “10” in silver paint to indicate its respective capacity.

DDR AK 47 Rifle, East German , 7 .62x39mm Semi Auto Rifle.  Built using Imported Surplus East German DDR AK47 Parts Kits with a New US Chrome lined barrel & Receiver with enough US parts to be 922R legal. They have a beautiful metal finish and very durable on the main gun body with White highlights in the markings or sights .Original  East German Polymer stock set with highly collectible Pebble Style rear stock . We do not see these very often and were able to obtain a small number of kits for Builds. These are a Atlantic Firearms Product line and backed up by a one year warranty. Rifle comes with 1- 30 round magazine ( Style and condition may vary) and is shipped with free Atlantic Firearms padded soft case for storage and protection .  We only have a limited number of these rifles to offer and once we are sold out there will be no more . German markings on the rifle parts may vary and we can not guarantee markings or offer a choice of codes etc. Please note that parts and stock set are  original  surplus and may show use, Rifle has been refinished but may show signs of service and wear etc under  the  new finish . 

East german ak mags

east german ak mags


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