East german gsd

Arnie is now in Foster this is what they say about him. Arnie has settled in really well. We have found him to be of a wonderful nature, great around kids. Our kids are four and ten and he plays great with them. Niamh the four year old lies on him and he doesn't bat an eye lid. He also gets on great with other dogs, but like my own dogs barks at other dogs whilst on the lead, but honestly we think this is more an excitable bark than anything else. Its just we have to keep him on the lead as his recall is not to good and needs to be worked on and we are concentrating on this as Arnie seems to get a little distracted whilst out on his walks. He does pull on the lead, but a canny collar, halti etc does help a lot with this.  Also he tends to walk better on collar and lead when out alone and not with our two GSD's, (he want to be up front). He has been getting on great with our two dogs but Arnie and Elsa seem to have become pals so maybe he would be better with a nice bitch. Arnie is quite protective over his food bowl with our dogs but I must add, he is fine with humans going near his food bowl, doesn't show any aggression at all (only with dogs). Arnie is also currently living with three cats and just barks at them sometimes, not aggressively, just more of an inquisitive bark. Certainly has not been aggressive towards them in anyway. He has been clean in the house, no accidents at all, so well house trained. He is also fine when left. The longest has been about 2 hrs. He loves company and cuddles and likes to please. Sometimes Arnie barks when you talk to him or he is waiting for a treat, but he is only talking to you. I really do think that the lucky new owner who gets Arnie shall be very pleased with him as he is of sound nature and rather laid back. Really Lynn I cant fault him he is great. we have all fell in love with him dearly and we will all miss him so much when he finds his wonderful new forever home. When I wake up in the morning he gets the quilt in his mouth and pulls the quilt back as if to say get up now, along with lots of licks. Sometimes when excited like in the morning when getting up he mouths a little as he is pleased you are getting up. He really is a great lad!!!!

East german gsd

east german gsd


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