East german handguard

I have been collecting ww2 bringback/surplus rifles for only 15 years now, many types of rifles have gone through my hands over the years, but I had never bought any carcano rifles until recently. I stayed shy because of the many stories of them being mostly junk, with some having cut down gain twist rifle barrels, and ammunition being very hard to find the good stuff, especially the with the being slightly easier to being a reloader, the correct diameter bullets for the are rarer then hens teeth. Even though, going against my saying “never buy import marked guns due to resale, I bought a cavalry carbine import marked by CAI in st. A VT. Marked by FNAB made in 1940 with the adjustable rear sight, condition of the rifle is about 55-60% overall, With the stock being dug up mildly but with a what seems to be a arsenal repair upper handguard as it is much cleaner looking but made with the same wood and seems correct. I must say though, this little guy is probably the best handling carbine out of all my bolt action carbines from that era. It handles like a m1 carbine but bolt action, the action can be cycled without removing your cheek wield like an Enfield rifle so rapid aimed fire is able to be done quite fast. It seems to me the only comparable rifle to be the Enfield carbine, which is heavier and has a much more stout recoil, but I do prefer the 10 round mag. The only question I really have about the rifle, is there any markings on the rifle that would tell me which branch of the military issued my rifle, like how my Berretta m35 has a two letter stamping indicating the air force used it? The stock has some markings but are not easily readable, I know one is the serial number, but the other I see is a large circle just next to the serial number on the stock, which shows old lettering but is now unreadable due wear and a light stamping to start with. Also were all the stocks numbered to the rifles, or just the early to mid war, like some Mauser, t99,t38, and others were. Great write up anyways, it is always relieving to read such write ups that are not copies from wiki , rewrote from a clueless guy whom I guess you could call a “poser” gun writer.

Chest Rig for the Type 63 Rifle
These are original Mag and Ammo Chest bandoleers for the Type 63 PLA Chinese troops. Bandoleer has 6 mag pockets and 4 grenade pockets. Mag pockets were designed for the AK 20 Round mags, these hold other mags as well as ammo on stripper clips. We have tired FAL and M14 (as well as similar mags) mags. Metal belt buckle has the PLA star for all to see. Chest bandoler has shoulder rigs as well as adjustible girth. A great addition to any Communist Chinese collection. These can be used with AK or SKS ammo on stripper clips for ease of carry in field use. Another David's Collectibles hard to find collectible.

East german handguard

east german handguard


east german handguardeast german handguardeast german handguardeast german handguardeast german handguard