East german mag pouch

I have about 30 of these full right now and love them. I bought mine from a variety of places about 8 years ago, paid more for some, less for other but overall they all together average about this price
Some of these have a small pouch on the side for either a grenade or a cleaning kit, I use those to store my AK74 mags in.
The others without the pouch I store my AK47 mags in, makes it a lot easier to tell what mags I'm grabbing without having to open them to look inside when I'm packing up gear to head to the range.
Every one of these I have is like brand new and they hold 4 30rnd AK mags perfectly, loaded or not
Plus being waterproof is nice, if you get caught out in the rain they will keep your metal mags dry so they are not so hard to dry off when you take them home
Some of my AK74 mags are those E German oarnge Bakelight mags wich anyone with a AK74 already knows those damn things are Expensive!
The way this pouch is made it has a T shaped divider inside that seperates the pouch into 4 seperate, pockets that are lightly padded in between. This not only keeps your mags from rattling around inside the pouch but also keeps them from scratching and dinging each other up
That makes it really nice knowing your expensive mags are protected from everything from the rough concrete top on the shooting bench but also from rattling against each other
Overall these are the nicest of all the mag pouches I have tried and these are now the only pouches I store all my AK mags in
Great pouches and good price, If you don't have pouches for your 30rnd AK mags then these are the ones to get
these are my favorite AK Mag Pouch!
. The German Rain Camo pattern looks really nice as well, just what you need to keep your gear looking good when you head to the range!

A manufacturer from Thailand also released some uniforms in Europe and the US in the very early 2000.  These were very similar to the What Price Glory uniforms with the incorrect print on the correct cloth. They were only available in two sizes - small to medium and large to extra large.   They also made a Bigeard cap and a bush hat in the same camo.  
They are no longer produced.

East german mag pouch

east german mag pouch


east german mag poucheast german mag poucheast german mag poucheast german mag poucheast german mag pouch