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Although an intangible and loosely defined concept, for administrative and governmental purposes the region is defined by the Chinese Central Government to include the provinces of (in alphabetical order) Anhui , Fujian , Jiangsu , Jiangxi , Shandong , and Zhejiang , as well as the municipality of Shanghai . Since the Chinese government claims Taiwan and the few outlying islands of Fujian ( Kinmen and Matsu ) governed by the Republic of China (Taiwanese government) as its territory, the claimed " Taiwan Province, People's Republic of China " is also classified in this region.

The "'Level of Industry plans for Germany" were the plans to lower German industrial potential after World War II . At the Potsdam conference , with the . operating under influence of the Morgenthau plan, [15] the victorious Allies decided to abolish the German armed forces as well as all munitions factories and civilian industries that could support them. This included the destruction of all ship and aircraft manufacturing capability. Further, it was decided that civilian industries which might have a military potential, which in the modern era of "total war" included virtually all, were to be severely restricted. The restriction of the latter was set to Germany's "approved peacetime needs", which were defined to be set on the average European standard. In order to achieve this, each type of industry was subsequently reviewed to see how many factories Germany required under these minimum level of industry requirements.

East german newspapers

east german newspapers


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