East german shepherd

American German shepherds represent most of the international show lines of German shepherds and have a very sloped back and sharp angle in their hindquarters. The American lines tend to be longer and leaner than both types of German lines. British German shepherds have large bones and a long, straight body. Both British and American lines have calmer temperaments and lower energy requirements than the German lines. The Czech German shepherd lines have many similarities to the east German lines, and some consider them the same type of German shepherd. Other less known German shepherd lines are the white German shepherds (not albino) and long-haired German shepherds.

Before the Cold War began Germany worked as one nation, but during the Cold War the borders were closed by the Soviet Union and Germany’s two nations East Germany and West Germany was formed. East Germany is also known at Deutsche Demokratische Republik.

The East German Communist Party took control of the breeding and registration of the German Shepherd pedigree and made the German Shepherd part of its military. They were specifically bred to have strong, large heads and to have incredible athleticism and power. If any of the German Shepherds showed signs of a weak temperament, hip dysplasia or any other disease they were not used for breeding.

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East german shepherd

east german shepherd


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