Gluconeogenesis via anabolica

Hey Katie, the urine strips are useful to see if you are producing ketones but I would not get too caught up on the color (how dark or light it is). If you’re feeling great and seeing results – keep doing what you’re doing! Also, once you are keto for a while, the urine strips may not be as accurate because they measure the amount of ketones you are “dumping” – so if you become more efficient at using those ketones for fuel (which you will the longer you’re keto) than you won’t excrete as much in your urine…make sense?

Elegant studies from Wang and colleagues demonstrate that insulin induces activation of GABA(A) receptors in the alpha cells by GABA receptor translocation via an Akt kinase-dependent pathway. This leads to membrane hyperpolarization in the alpha cells and, ultimately, suppression of glucagon secretion. Hence, insulin may directly inhibit glucagon secretion, and indirectly potentiate the inhibitory effects of GABA concomitant released by β -cells-See Intra-islet insulin suppresses glucagon release via GABA-GABA(A) receptor system. Cell Metab. 2006 Jan;3(1):47-58

Gluconeogenesis via anabolica

gluconeogenesis via anabolica


gluconeogenesis via anabolicagluconeogenesis via anabolicagluconeogenesis via anabolicagluconeogenesis via anabolicagluconeogenesis via anabolica