Intravitreal steroids macular edema

Fourteen of the 22 cases (64%) were bilateral. Because of the delayed onset, HORV did not appear in the first eye until after surgery in the second eye in the 11 cases who underwent sequential bilateral cataract surgery (3 days to 3 weeks apart). In most of these 11 sequential bilateral cases, the first eye became symptomatic first, but bilateral HORV was diagnosed simultaneously during the initial examination.  Even with a long delay between eyes in the remaining 3 bilateral cases (9 months, 3 years, and 9 years) the second eye presented similarly to the first after the second eye underwent surgery.

Numerous trials (CATT trial, IVAN trial, GEFAL, MANTA, LUCAS) conducted worldwide have shown Bevacizumab injection in the eye to be non-inferior to Ranibizumab injection in the eye in terms of efficacy and safety in AMD. Bevacizumab on the other hand has the advantage of significantly reducing the cost of therapy. However, intravitreal bavacizumab injection has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the use in the eye is hence 'off label'. All patients need to be clearly informed when taking written consent for intraocular bevacizumab.

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Intravitreal steroids macular edema

intravitreal steroids macular edema


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