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Hi Maree,     I researched LS big time upon being diagnosed only by sight by my OBGYN. I was having painful sex and figured it was menopause.  After she told me that it looked like LS, I looked up treatments others have used. It scared the begibers out of me but this one gal used the Emuaid and said she had good luck with it.   I have red irratation and my cliterus was fusing.  The emuaid defused the cliterus so I continued to use it after sex.   My exam this year showed that my vulva was beat red.  I don't have itching at all but the doc wanted me to try Betamethasone Valerate cream for 3 weeks.    I don't have any thickening of the skin but only one side that looks white.  I put the cream on that part & use the Emuaid on the rest.   My delima is that I can handle sex with zero to no pain if a condom is used.   Without the condom, I'm rubbed raw and the semen stings like hell inside & out.   Hope this is not too much information but every little bit helps.  I have not seen my condition go away but future holds that I see a dermatologist and I dread any kind of biopsy .  I fear the biopsy site will never heal. 

The 5mg dose can be a sticking point for many people and one at which we need to slow down the steroidreduction process, remembering that each reduction in dose is a higher percentage drop than the previous one, so our bodies need longer to adapt.  Plus the adrenal glands will be trying to get up to speed with producing their normal pre-steroid amount of cortisol (natural steroid) from and below - whilst that is happening we can have a shortfall of cortisol in our bodies until this natural production catches up.  So a smaller reduction and alonger taper from each new dose to the next is recommended to avoid further flares.

Im over 50 in perfect health, and workout daily, and lift 3 times a week . I have gone from 209 to 186 in 4 months, and am very happy. I would like to continue to lose a few more lbs but also want to bulk up a bit more while I lift. is it possible to do both?
tell me what product might do this for me or any combo of products,
should i lose the weight I want first, than concentrate on bulking up after. I realise putting on muscle will add to my weight. unfortunately I belong to a gym where the trainers eat natural and sing kumbaya all day, so i have nobody to ask .

New steroid forums

new steroid forums


new steroid forumsnew steroid forumsnew steroid forumsnew steroid forumsnew steroid forums