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At the end, it seems like we were going to have a mountain load of debris and this would have triple filled the local Portland Roads landfill, which would have eventually just burnt. To prevent this, volunteers separated all the plastics as they picked it up. Cook Shire sent up a baler and operators to the event and all this plastic was squashed into 1 cubic metre bales – a total of 9 were created – diverting tonnes of plastic from the landfill. The plastic bales are now on their way down to Brisbane where the new Replas facility would give this mixed, baled plastics new life by making them into benches, poles and bollards.

I’m from the UK and Damson Jam is VERY popular here.  Mainly grown in Hereford/Worcestershire along with plums, pears and apples.  There are huge damson/plum festivals at harvest time.  We regularly B&B at a farm in Worecestershire that has a small damson orchard and we are regularly sent home with huge boxes of damsons.  Skimming off the very small stones is a pain-in-the-butt exercise but so worth it to see the jars in the cupboard afterwards.  They also make the BEST crumbles, slumps and pies imaginable – if anyone in the US ever sees them in the supermarket/farmers market snap them up – you will not be disappointed.  Also look on  the web for a damson crumble recipe from British chef Nigel Slater – sublime!

Wait what? Seriously? How ironic for you to be saying she has no credit to be talking about skincare because she doesn’t shower everyday, considering that #1. showering everyday is actually unnecessary because it usually (depending on the products you use) strips your skin of natural oils, #2. not showering everyday is not fucking “unhygienic” or “yucky,” but good job buying into the misleading beliefs made by skincare/hygiene companies (you must be one of those people who also thinks its a good thing if your skin feels super tight after cleansing…poor thing). And #3 what the hell does being a woman have to do with anything? “You’re a woman so you have to be prim and proper and smell like a delicate rose” are you from the fucking 19th century? Get that shit out of here. Just yuck. *micdrop*

Peach oil steroids

peach oil steroids


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