Tupincho winstrol deca

The only inconvenience is that 1ml=25mg. One millilieter is not so small to inject, but when you are talking about drinking it, this is a very small amount of fluid. From what I have seen it does not pay to try and break up your dose as you would with pill spacing throughout the day (ex. 2 w/breakfast, 2 w/lunch, 2 w/dinner). It is very troublesome to try and measure 1/5th to 2/5 ml of solution every time you want to drink some. Just use a full 1 ml. I have seen various individuals take 1ml twice per day and blow up enormously. Keep in mind that this would also equate to 50mg of dianabol a day, not a shabby dose and one you would not want to take for more than about eight weeks before taking a break from orals and getting your liver tested.

Tupincho winstrol deca

tupincho winstrol deca


tupincho winstrol decatupincho winstrol decatupincho winstrol deca