Turboliner plane

New high-speed routes through from Albany to Boston and Buffalo to Kansas City and/or Minneapolis through Cleveland are also proposed, most likely along the routes of current Amtrak services. Through service from Washington, . to upstate New York via the Northeast Corridor is also proposed. [22] These services would require heavy cooperation with other states and the United States federal government. Many civic and business leaders in New England have recently shown interest in better service to New York City and Boston. [27] [28]

Amtrak has available for sale seven (7) trainsets of Rohr Turboliners (Direct Drive Gas Turbines) and associated spare parts inventory. Each trainset consists of a combination power and coach at each end and three intermediate coaches, one with a food service facility. Three (3) trainsets have been overhauled and are stored in Delaware; four (4) trainsets are in various stages of overhaul and are stored in New York. Contact information provided below for interested parties: B. A. Hastings, Officer Asset Recovery, Telephone Number: 215-349-1192 E-mail: hastinb@

Turboliner plane

turboliner plane


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